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Dear Reader,

This book was written with the intention of allowing you to personalize it so your deceased loved one can imprint heartfelt messages of comfort to the intended reader(s).


You will see a space to write the name of the intended reader(s) at the beginning of the book and a space to write the name (or relationship) of the deceased near the end of the book. In addition, there is a space for you to paste pictures of your deceased loved one so he or she may always remain a part of this book.


It is my hope that this book brings comfort, peace, and a sense of closeness to all of you, as it did for my children and me.


Jaime Lori Troiano


Love From Above

SKU: ISBN: 978-O-692-O4328-8
  • Finding a way to connect with our loved ones after they pass can be a painful undertaking, especially when a child never had the opportunity to meet them in the physical world. Love From Above offers inspirational and loving messages to connect children with their family members who have passed. Sending positive and uplifting messages, this book is a true declaration of the love from above needed to help heal a grieving heart. 



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